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Corona Virus, Tariff Wars and Brexit have dramatically changed the narrative of global trade in the past months, and now more than ever, Cash Flow is crucial to the pulse of your business.

A Single Invoice non-recourse solutions is a  LIQUIDITY AND RISK MITIGATION TOOL allowing suppliers to get paid at the time of shipment on INTERNATIONAL SALES. Funding is within 2 days of shipment, and invoices are purchased on a non-recourse basis, meaning the SUPPLIERS DON'T BEAR THE RISK OF BUYER NON-PAYMENT.

  • Invoice size $250,000 - $30M USD
  • Must cross a border (Can/US included)
  • Does not impact your A/R Insurance or banking solutions
  • Funding in 2 days of shipment
  • ~1% for 30 day term of sale
  • Funding available to companies globally (not only Canada or US)

Clients are using this solution not only receive payments more quickly from their clients, but also to pay their suppliers more quickly. If you are someones favorite customer at 2%/10 think of your next negotiation at 1% 2 days. ACCELERATE CASH FLOW throughout your supply chain.

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